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The eyeVue is supplied with a black fabric neck strap with buckles at either end which you attach to the chrome Neck Strap Rings on either side of the Viewing Hood.

  1. Unwrap the neck strap and squeeze the Side Release Buckles at either end of the Strap to release the Buckle from the Strap.
  2. Loop the cord end of each Buckle through the eye of its Ring and slip the Buckle through the loop.
  3. Re-attach the Buckles to the Strap.

Though partially charged prior to shipment, we recommend that you fully charge your eyeVue prior to using it.

Plug the small end of the Micro USB Cable included with your eyeVue device into the Micro USB Charge Port located on the lower left front of the eyeVue. Since it is a USB cable, it only goes in one way so you may have to flip it to get it to go in.

  1. Plug the larger end of the cable into a charging source like the electronic brick that you use to charge your smartphone.
  2. The Indicator Light above the Micro USB Port lights up red.
  3. When the Indicator Light changes from red to green, your eyeVue is fully charged.
  4. (After you disconnect the USB cable, the Indicator Light changes to a slow blinking green to indicate the eyeVue device is in low power mode.)
  5. If you are not going to be using the eyeVue shortly, disconnect the USB cable, and power the eyeVue down by holding the silver On-Off button until the indicator light flashes red and stops.
  6. A short press of the silver On-Off button will power-on the eyeVue

The eyeVue app is available through Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. eyeVue is a free app which works best with the eyeVue device, but will also work on its own.

1. On the App Store or the Play Store, search for, download, install and open the eyeVue app.

2. When you open eyeVue, the app will request access your smartphone’s Bluetooth, Camera, Microphone, Photo (and video) Library.

3. Enter your email address and telephone number; if you don’t want to enter that information, click on Skip Signup at the top center of the screen, which will take you to the initial eyeVue Control Screen (Step 5). Device Information should autopopulate. (If any of the device information is incorrect, you can correct it here.)

4. Specify whether or not you want your phone to Vibrate when you take a picture or video, and read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

5. Scroll down and click on Submit, and the eyeVue Control Screen shows the basic eyeVue controls along with whatever the camera is pointed at (in this case, nothing, so you can see the icons and text better).

Notice the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner; the icon is red if no eyeVue device is connected and blue if the app has found an eyeVue device.

6. Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on.

1. To turn the eyeVue device ON, press the silver Pushbutton on the left face of the eyeVue, between the Micro USB Port and the Indicator Light.

2. The Indicator Light should flash WHITE once, then RED, and then repeatedly flash BLUE, indicating that the device is ready to Bluetooth Pair with the eyeVue app.

3. (To turn the eyeVue device OFF, press and hold the silver Pushbutton down until the Indicator Light repeatedly flashes RED and then goes dark.)

  1. If your eyeVue device is not already on (no Indicator Light is flashing and the eyeVue device battery is charged), press the silver Pushbutton until the Indicator Light flashes WHITE once, RED, and then repeatedly flashes BLUE. If the eyeVue device is already on, the Indicator Light should already be slowly flashing BLUE.
  2. Open your eyeVue Live app.
  3. When the eyeVue device pairs with the app, the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of the app turns from RED to BLUE and the Indicator Light on the eyeVue device goes dark.

(Hint)…Listen for the eyeVue shutter to open and you’re paired and ready to enjoy your eyeVue; the Indicator Light also goes dark. (If you have trouble pairing, turn the eyeVue device off and then back on.)

1. Pinch the Release Bars to slip your smartphone into the bracket on the face of the eyeVue device with the phone screen facing the eyeVue and the camera lens facing out at the top.

2. Release the Bars when the phone is centered.

3. Look through the lenses of the eyeVue device and touch the touchpad area at the top of the device and you will see the unlock screen asking you to unlock the eyeVue device.

4. If the images on the eyeVue screen look distorted, try adjusting the IPD Knob in the middle of the bottom of the eyeVue Device directly below the viewing lenses.

It may also help to simply relax your eyes.


The Touchpad is the flat slightly-recessed area on the top of the eyeVue Device. You use the Touchpad to control the eyeVue device.

Learn more here: Download eyeVue interface guide


Yes. We designed the eyeVue so your smartphone charging port is accessible for plugging in a portable cell phone charger.

Yes, our lens design enables users to go right from direct viewing to eyeVue immersive viewing. If you wear eyeglasses or contacts for distance viewing, leave them on; if you don’t use eyeglasses for distance, leave them off.

If you use bifocal glasses, go ahead and leave your glasses on when using your eyeVue.

We recommend that you try to relax your eyes; use the IPD knob in the middle of the underside of the viewfinder to adjust the viewing until it is clear.

Yes, any family member with a compatible iPhone or Android phone can use the eyeVue. The eyeVue’s universal mount is designed to accommodate most smartphones. Although only one phone can be paired with the eyeVue at a time, so you have to unpair one phone before pairing another.

Browsing your photos and video is easy. Simply touch the “Gallery” icon on the eyeVue touchpad and finger-scroll or use the arrows to scroll through your photos. The Gallery contains all of the photos on your phone, whether or not they were taken with the eyeVue.

To eliminate accidental deletion of a special moment just captured, you cannot delete a photo or video through the eyeVue. You can always delete them through your phone’s photos app.

Your photos and videos taken with the eyeVue are automatically stored where they are normally stored on your phone’s (Photos or Gallery).

Most definitely! For videos in your gallery just press play and watch in HD whether you took them with eyeVue or not. For videos not in your gallery (example YouTube) click on the video you want while your phone is not in the eyeVue, then insert your phone into the eyeVue per our user guide. Please note that the eyeVue cannot replay VR stereoscopic videos (3D).

Yes. We’ve designed in a universal mount on the bottom of the eyeVue device for adding a mono- or tripod for longer viewing and recording sessions.


The eyeVue has been designed for an IP76 protection rating (water-resistant in up to 1m of water for up to 30 min). We don’t guarantee initial units to meet this specification, however, since we haven’t completed testing and certification.

The eyeVue has a 400 mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery capable of operating the eyeVue all day (12+ hours of normal usage). It will likely outlast your smartphone’s battery.

Our engineers have worked hard on designing the eyeVue to be light and easy to carry. Our product specifications require that the eyeVue should weigh less than a pound and is currently weighing only 11.8 oz (334 grams).

The eyeVue device is designed to work with most Android and iOS phones. The universal mount will accommodate most smartphones. The eyeVue app software currently supports iPhone models 6 and up, Samsung Galaxy 7 and up, and Google Pixel. Our eyeVue Android App will support operating systems Androids 7.1 or later, which is Pie (9.x), Oreo (8.x) and Nougat (7.1).

We plan to support new iPhones and Android models and operating systems for use with the eyeVue going forward. And like your other smartphone apps, the eyeVue app will update manually or automatically based on your smartphone’s setting for app updates.

The eyeVue is designed to be the best view-finder for your smartphone’s camera. It magnifies your smartphone’s display for enhanced viewing and blocks out ambient light so that the display appears bright even when viewed under the most difficult conditions outdoors or inside. Plus, eyeVue takes advantage of the fact that your smartphone’s camera generally has much higher resolution than your smartphone’s display and the smartphone’s display has higher resolution than is viewable without an eyeVue. Although the eyeVue does not optically enhance your smartphone’s camera, it makes the “extra” resolution of your smartphone’s camera and display more usable for composing better photos and videos of what you are seeing in real time.

The eyeVue app has been optimized to work with the eyeVue device to provide easy access to your smartphone’s camera capabilities when taking a picture or video. The eyeVue app function buttons map to the touchpad on the eyeVue device. When you look through the eyeVue device, the camera controls are literally at your fingertips, allowing you to zoom in and out, record and snap photos while still seeing what you are capturing in HD viewing. The eyeVue device does not work with your smartphone’s camera app.


Not at this time. We are always thinking how to make eyeVue better so let us know if this is a key feature for you.

The eyeVue’s streaming ability relies on the open architecture of Facebook and YouTube. We are working on this release and will have an update soon!

We wrote our software to connect with these social media programs; share your photos by touching the Share button and selecting the appropriate option.

eyeVue is not a virtual reality device. VR has different optics made for 3D viewing. eyeVue lenses are designed for 2D HD viewing.

Not at this time. Our app is designed for use in landscape mode only. If this capability is important to you, let us know.

Not at this time but let us know if this is a feature you want included in future versions of our app.

Do you have questions not answered in the FAQs or have any suggestions on how to improve your eyeVue experience? We’d love to hear from you!

Send us an email at